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December 14, 2022

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First-timers guide to Dreamforce 2022

The Dreamforce countdown is on! And guess what? Uncommon Purpose and our suite of products will be there in-person for the very first time!

Yes, technically we may have been there a one or two times before (OK, yes 12 years as Traction on Demand). But this year, we get to experience it all again with that first-time lens. 

Plus, like many of you who may be new-ish to the ecosystem, this is the first full in-person Dreamforce event in three years! So how can you make the most of Dreamforce 2022? We asked some of our Dreamforce veterans and here’s their top tips:

Uncommon tips you need to know before heading to DF22

Our session tips:

“Be selective about the in-person sessions you attend - most are recorded so no need to over schedule yourself.” — Calex Petersen, Director of Business Operations  
  • Plan your top 3-5 sessions and leave the rest to organic connection.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to key sessions and spend the time networking with other attendees who share similar interests to you.
  • Look for sessions that are unique to Dreamforce — skip anything you could easily learn online.
  • Sign up to Salesforce+ and catch all the keynotes and sessions after the event.
  • Familiarize yourself with Salesforce’s Agenda Builder and Dreamforce Campus map before you go.

Our comfort tips:

“Consider bringing multiple pairs of shoes. Staying in the same pair everyday can be hard on the feet. Even switching to a different pair the next day can save you a bit of ache.” Linda Wong, Events Manager
  • Pack for comfort over fashion. You’ll be on your feet for most of the day (and night!) 
  • Don’t forget earplugs and a sleeping mask for a restful night's sleep.
  • Bring some heavy duty Band Aids, 2nd Skin, or Moleskin for blister protection.

Our networking tips:

“While you'll learn a ton at sessions, DF parties are where you make the real connections!” Kevin Murray, VP, Marketing
“There’s a lot of value in networking at Dreamforce. But if you’re out late, before going to bed, down a liter of water. It'll hydrate you and you'll wake up feeling refreshed for that next conversation.”   Chris Karpyszyn, Director of Engineering
  • Networking events offer some of the best value for your time at Dreamforce. Take advantage of their casual setting and meet new community members, vendors, and experts who all live and breathe the Salesforce platform.
  • Practice your “elevator pitch” before you go. Make it memorable by keeping it as concise and engaging as possible.
  • Use networking events as a foot in the door. If you make a good connection, suggest booking a meeting or grabbing a bite to eat. Keep the conversation going in a more quiet and productive setting.
  • BONUS TIP: Check out our happy hour events here. We may be a little biased, but they’re always some of the best parties at Dreamforce!

Our health and wellness tips:

“Don’t forget to maintain mental and physical well-being during the hustle, potentially even after the event. I remember how exhausted everyone felt for the next week when they returned.” Cindy York, Director, Portfolio and Company Communications
“Remember to eat and bring migraine medicine. There's a lot going on at Dreamforce between running to presentations, networking, attending social gatherings and concerts, etc. It’s easy to get a migraine, especially when you forget to eat!” Chris Bruzzi, EVP, Product Development
  • Try to clear your schedule to keep meetings to a minimum the week after Dreamforce. Your future self will thank you! 
  • Set an alarm in your phone for “meal times” so you don’t accidentally skip lunch.
  • Pack some powdered electrolytes such as Hydrolyte - they’re a lifesaver!  
  • Try to snack throughout the day to avoid fading in the afternoon/evening.

Our daily packing tips:

“If you're just going to sessions, don't bring your laptop. You can snap a pic of anything important with your phone and your shoulders will thank you.” Grant Adamson, Principal Architect 
  • Bring a battery pack for your phone. It’s a long day and there’s nothing worse than missing a photo with Astro because your phone’s dead.
  • A water bottle is a must! There’s refill stations all around the campus, so make sure you stay hydrated. 
  • This should be obvious, but don’t forget your business cards. We’d suggest ordering extras just in case.

Our travel tips:

“If you haven’t been to San Francisco before, make sure you get a lay of the land. Like any city, there are some areas you should avoid traveling to alone.” 
  • Utilize a buddy system when walking to and from your hotel to the Dreamforce campus,  happy hours, or networking events.
  • Start planning any sightseeing activities ASAP. Popular sites, such as Alcatraz, often book out months in advance.
  • Dedicate some time to soaking up the San Francisco atmosphere! It’s a beautiful city - so make the most of the sites and sounds! 

Let’s connect at Dreamforce 2022

After three long years apart, we’re itching to have a real in-person chat with you! Our team will be on the Dreamforce floor across all three days of the conference. 

If you ever met or hung with the Traction on Demand team at Dreamforce, you'll know we like to have fun and do things a little differently. We're keeping that trend going, doing as much good while having as much fun as possible! 

Drop us a line here to book a meeting with someone from our team or sign up to attend one of our happy hours at Bottle Club Pub! 

Where to find us at DF22

Our team will be down in San Francisco for the entirety of DF22 and we’d love to catch up with you!

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Where to find us at DF22