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January 26, 2023

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Traction Rec and Traction Complete welcome new venture partners to accelerate growth and impact

Vancouver-based Pender Ventures and San Francisco’s Thomvest Ventures join Salesforce Ventures in funding the future of these BC technology companies.

Announced earlier this month, Traction Rec and Traction Complete (former product divisions of Traction on Demand, now a Salesforce company), have secured new funding partners to help accelerate future growth of their respective SaaS platforms.

Traction Rec welcomes Vancouver-based Pender Ventures to join Salesforce Ventures, while Traction Complete welcomes both Pender Ventures and San Francisco’s Thomvest Ventures to the fold.

For Traction Rec, a best-in-class program and member management CRM solution for community centers and nonprofits, funding and expert guidance from Pender Ventures will help drive the expansion of their products and deepen their quality of services.

“I’m excited to welcome the Pender Ventures team to the Traction Rec and Salesforce Ventures family and to build on an already strong foundation of impact and growth in the Salesforce ecosystem. We are grateful to these investors for believing in our work, vision, and mission to accelerate forward the innovation of products, delivery of services, and grow our community of customers,” said Lara Gilchrist, CEO of Traction Rec.

“There’s so much potential in Traction Rec. The company brings immense talent to the table and has demonstrated the value of their solutions to organizations of every size,” said Maria Pacella of Pender Ventures.

For Traction Complete, the addition of both Pender Ventures and Thomvest Ventures will accelerate the pace at which they gain market share and continue delivering on market demand.

"Revenue Operations teams are trying to make more data driven decisions and this funding helps us to develop our new solutions; empowering businesses with cleaner data and better visibility into customer relationships, enabling more effective sales planning and territory execution through automation," said David Nelson, CEO of Traction Complete.

“Traction Complete aligns with our investment thesis of enterprise systems of insight and workforce empowerment,” said Maria Pacella, Managing Partner of Pender Ventures. “Traction Complete is automating manual data entry and tracking to provide superior organizational insights for sales professionals in order to drive better processes and revenue growth. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the team on their journey to “rev-up” RevOps and empower sales teams worldwide.”  

"A big congratulations to our sister companies, Traction Rec and Traction Complete! They are great examples of how companies can grow, build and launch both people and products,” said Neil Patil, CEO of Uncommon Purpose.